Trauma Lens Report


Itrauman November 2016, a group of practitioners from different social work organizations in New Delhi, India, got together for a workshop on the subject of trauma informed practice. This is a report on the preliminary learning gathered at this workshop about existing capacity and future possibilities for developing Trauma Informed Social Work Practice in this context.

The workshop took place over three sessions, one each on the subjects of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Compassion Fatigue and Resilience from trauma. With representation from varying fields (such as sexuality education, reproductive rights, violence and discrimination against women, child rights, child protection, caregiver support, Prison reforms, mental health, juvenile justice, arts and incarceration, substance abuse and homelessness), the group engaged in facilitated collaborative learning and sharing with the aim of exploring the value that the ideas associated with each of the three main subjects may add to their service.

Each session was introduced by a social work practitioner speaking about their own experience with the subject of the session. In addition, participants of the workshop provided feedback regarding the content and format of the workshop as well as the possibilities that they envision for the incorporation of trauma informed principles into their service.

If you would like the full PDF, please email us at


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