Documentary and Theatre

In an effort to creatively disseminate the themes and ideas contained within the existing body of research on Trauma Informed Practice, Trauma Lens is interested in exploring the mediums of documentary film and drama.

Upcoming Programme: 

-POP (2)

This production aims to spark conversations and contemplation regarding the use of violence and other non trauma informed approaches by professionals in systems of care.

Going beyond the operational and economic frustrations of the system that are often cited as reasons for such violence within the systems of care, this play uses the voice and experience of one social worker turned social work educator  as he looks back at the violence perpetrated by him towards children whom he was meant to ‘care’ for. This social worker’s narrative is juxtaposed against the poetry written by a woman who was forcibly sent to a mental healthcare facility by her family, where she was re-traumatized. A third, parallel narrative runs alongside these two shifting perspectives. In this third story, a war criminal shares his own understanding of his motivations and ethics and the philosopher covering his trial analyses his responses and motivations.


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