Trauma Lens is an initiative to make the human service systems in India more trauma informed.

In November 2016, Caregivers Link and Project Motley conducted the first Trauma Lens workshop with a small group of participants from organisations working in the development sector.

Trauma Lens hopes to carry out trainings ,research and advocacy initiatives with organizations in the fields of social work, healthcare and education as well as for various other human service sectors.

logo-cglCaregivers Link is a social venture partnership firm focusing on care, and the vulnerability and support needs of persons in informal and formal care relationships, as recipients and providers of care, or as persons playing support roles. Such relationships are most commonly visible through the lens of health, illness, psychosocial, physical, intellectual or developmental disability and related issues. (Facebook page)

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 9.45.13 AM.png Project Motley is an interdisciplinary project that looks to promote critical thought. Project Motley has been conducting workshops since 2012 on issues relating to social justice such as gender, indigenous rights, alternate learning & thinking styles and its link with education, citizenship and civil courage.